Verónica Werckmeister

San Millán

Year: 2010-2017


Since 2010 the municipality of San Millan has organized participatory mural workshops led by Werckmeister. Ech year a new mural is designed and pinated in one of the 13 towns that comprise the large municipaliy. Each project tells the stories of the people who live and have lived in these towns, illustrating the particular cultural and natural patrimony of each.

Los murales are located in  Ordoñana (2010), San Román de San Millán (2011),  Adana (2012), Okariz (2013), Narbaiza (2014), Ullibarri Jauregi (2015), Eguilaz (2016) and Galarreta (2017)

Lugar: Municipality of San Millán



Technique: Acrylic `paint

Size: 70m2 a 110m2


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