Verónica Werckmeister

More to See

Vitoria-Gasteiz // 2016

Más que ver/ More to See (Heroes and Time)

The March 3rd Memorial (M3M) is a series of artistic interventions in the public space conceived by 5 artists. The works complement an audio tour of the Zaramaga neighborhood of Vitoria-Gasteiz, which in 1976 was the scenario of the murder of 5 workers by the police during a general strike

More to See, is a piece that consists of 2 metal structures, acrylic glass and vinyl. Each structure contains 2 images that juxtapose a painted image amd the neighborhood itself as seen through the transparent areas. Each piece is site specific and understood through its context: the neighborhood where working class people go about their daily life, in times of struggle and in times of apparent peace.

The events of March 3rd, 1976 were not isolated incidents, but rather another tragic outcome of the systematic reporession of working calss struggles, in this case, intensified by the historic context of the final years of the Franco dictatorship.

Gasteiz M3M

Technique: Acrylic glass, iron, and vinyl.

Size: 2m x 1m (each image)

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