Verónica Werckmeister

We CAN see the forest for the trees

Quejana-Álava // 2015

We CAN see the forest for the tres / Los arboles SÍ nos dejan ver el bosque

I was invited to intervene in a beautiful oak forest at the Hotel Arcos de Quejana. Using color and texture each tree was given a second skin creating a circle of color and place for contemplation.

The use of natural materials, wood, fiber, cotton, etc, transforms the appearance of the trees without harming them. The smooth color transitions from tree to tree remind us of the nature´s own transitions from season to season, from one geography to antother while evoking concepts other land artists like Agustin Ibarrola o Robert Smithson have used to express the sometimes difficult relationship between the natural workd and the human presence upon it.

This artistic intervention is meant to be a modest contribution to what is the beauty and grandness of the mountain landscape, the forest, the earth and the human environment.

Collaborating artists: Estíbaliz VeraPatricia Garcia Ramirez , Jon Gil y Fernando Martinez de Eredita

Technique: Fiber, wood and cotton.

Size: 20 trees.

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