Verónica Werckmeister

Itinerario Muralístico de Vitoria Gasteiz- La Ciudad Pintada (IMVG)

Vitoria Gasteiz (Alava, Spain)  2007-present

In 2019 the IMVG project will celebrate 12 years of collaborative participatory art in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz. The project began in 2007 with the first mural workshop in the Burullerías Square. 13 volunteers, a shopping cart full of paint and a spirit of collaborative creativity were the initial ingredients that made that first project the launching point for the following 18 large scale mural projects.

This first mural still receives numerous accolades from specialized forums, and is considered one of the 30 best monumental murals in the world.

Since then the project has been very well received by the citizens of the city. Over 600 people (artists and non-artists alike) have participated actively in the production of the 18 murals that comprise the project. The specific methodology used (design and execution through participatory process) has guaranteed the quality and fundamental objectives of the project.

There are currently 13 murals in the medieval quarter of the city, 4 in the neighborhood of Zaramaga and 2 murals painted in the neighborhood known as Ariznavarra.

The murals have become part of the cultural and urbanistic reality of the city, recognized as a reflection of a city that is open, daring, and committed to opening new pathways for citizen participation in all aspects of culture.

The project has been presented in numerous forums, from Florence, Italy to Toronto, Canada, Lisbon, Barcelona, Tenerife, Valencia, Melilla, etc.

IMVG has become an example of good cultural practice, referenced in specialized publications and studied by experts in the field. It`s no surprise since the IMVG project is unique in Spain. It is the only project that creates the space for co-responsibility between cultural agents and citizens in the creation of public art.

The IMVG offers visitors to the city a new and different way of getting to know local culture and has become on of the main tourist stops for visitors to the city!

Techniques: Acrylic paint, ceramic and glass mosaic, photography and sculpture.

Size: 19 murals  80m2 -150m2

Collaborating artists:

IMVG, Itinerario Muralístico de Vitoria-Gasteiz