Verónica Werckmeister


Lleida // 2015

Proposal selected by a jury of professional artists and city planners to mark the 750 year anniversary of the Paeria of Lleida, Spain.

The mural illustrates the importance of creating cultural and intellectual connections that lead to the integrated and full advancement of the city and its citizens. The mural design stems from the notion of folds. Folding can mean multiplying something by two or creating a flection with a maleable material without fracture or fissure. This notion of “structural fold” is a concept studied in cultural sociology and it postulates that actors subject to structural folds occupy a priveleged position to innovate and apply creative thought and action. In relation to a city and its knowledge Lleida becomes the vertex of this structural fold.

Collaboration: Asisted by Estíbaliz Vera

Teqnique: Hand painted acrylic on polytab fabric adhered to false facade of stainless steel.

The mural was painted in its entirety in the studios of WERCKMEISTER in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The pieces were then tranposrted to Lleida and installed on the prepared façade.

Size: 140 m²


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